• 10kw Wind Turbine

10kw Wind Turbine

 This 10KW Wind Turbine outputs 220v so it also needs the optional 220v - 48v MPPT Controller so all you need is time and a 10 - 12M Monopole .

You can add in a battery bank to our 10kw On Grid Wind Turbine is a simple easy maintenance free power source that will save you money and drive down the cost of the Electricity bills you currently receive from your Electricity supplier.

The mounting pole diameter needs to be 165mm and the pole wall thickness needs to be 6mm. When we deliver, we will also sent you the flange plate which needs to be welded to your 165mm WIDE pole.

There is more New 2022 information here on the ESB website re grid connected Wind Turbines

This offer includes our 10kw Wind Turbine only


1. Low start up wind speed, high wind energy utilization
2. Amazingly quiet operation with minimal vibration
3. Easy installation, flange connection.
4. Precision injection moulded blades with aerodynamic shape and structure, high efficiency.
5. Carbon Steel generator body cast, 2 bearings with swivel making generator stronger.
6. Patented AC PMG with special stator, effectively reduces torque, ensures excellent performance.
7. Anti-rust + anti-corrosion, maintenance-free

Specification: WT-10K
Model     WT-10K
Rated Output     10KW
Peak Output     13KW
Rated Voltage     220V AC
Start-up Wind Speed     2.5m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed     3.5m/s
Rated Wind speed     12m/s
Survival Max. wind     45m/s
Number of Blades     3
Rotor Diameter     5.6m
Swept Area     24.6㎡
Blade Material     fiberglass reinforced composite
Generator Type     Brushless 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets
Generator case     Carbon steel cast
Controller Type    MPPT
Over speed control     Automatically adjust windward direction + tail folds up
Net Weight     360kg
Tower Connector     Flange
Flange Size *     DN125
Tower Type *     Monopole or Guyed Cable Tower
Tower Size *     Recommended 12m Monopole
Working Temp. range     from -40°C to 60°C
Product Life     15 -25 years
Warranty     1 year
Applications     on-off grid wind systems
Turbine Weight     320kg

Controller Features:

Input 220V AC

Output 48v DC

Capacity 10KW

Battery Bank should be rated at 48v so you will need a minimum of 16 of our Deep Cycle batteries but preferable 32 of our Deep Cycle Batteries. This is a necessary extra and this system will not work without 16 of our Deep Cycle batteries.

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test 1 https://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2008/si/235/made/en/print The construction, erection or placing within the curtilage of an industrial building or light industrial building, or business premises of a wind turbine. 1. The turbine shall not be erected on or attached to the premises or building or any other structure within the curtilage of the building or premises. 2. The total height of the turbine shall not exceed 20 metres. 3. The rotor diameter shall not exceed 8 metres. 4. The minimum clearance between the lower tip of the rotor and ground level shall not be less than 3 metres. 5. The supporting tower shall be a distance of not less than the total structure height (including the blade of the turbine at the highest point of its arc) plus:(a) 5 metres from any party boundary,(b) 5 metres from any non-electrical overhead cables,(c) 20 metres from any 38kV electricity distribution line,(d) 30 metres from the centreline of any electricity transmission line of 110kV or more. 6. The turbine shall not be located within 5 kilometres of the nearest airport or aerodrome, or any communication, navigation and surveillance facilities designated by the Irish Aviation Authority, save with the consent in writing of the Authority and compliance with any condition relating to the provision of aviation obstacle warning lighting. 7. Noise levels must not exceed 43db(A) during normal operation, as measured from the nearest party boundary. 8. Not more than one turbine shall be erected within the curtilage of the premises or building. 9. All turbine components shall have a matt, non-reflective finish and the blade shall be made of material that does not deflect telecommunication signals. 10. No sign, advertisement or object, not required for the functioning or safety of the turbine shall be attached to or exhibited on the wind turbine. 11. The turbine shall not be located within an Architectural Conservation Area.

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10kw Wind Turbine

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