5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter 48v - ON / OFF GRID

   Our Version 2  5kw Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is ideal for large Solar arrays and is suitable for ON / Off Grid use in Ireland. Labelled as a 5kW hybrid unit which means it can be powered by a Battery bank and or a Solar Array, maximum continuous power output is 5000 watts or 5KW , maximum surge power output is 8000 watts or 8KW

In lay mans terms this Hybrid Power Inverter Charger can be connected to your Solar Panel array and a large battery bank and also MAINS Electricity or a Generator that spits out mains voltage. The battery bank in turn can be connected to a Wind Turbine up to a max of 5KW at 48v. You can if you wish just solar to charge the battery bank and then use Night rate electricity to charge the battery bank overnight ready for use all day long.

With a 3kw 48v or a 5kw 48v Wind Turbine attached you will only need mains electricity on an irregular basis

Please note this Power Inverter does not need to be connected to a Battery Bank

You can choose to use this CE/IEC/ISO 5KW Power Inverter as a Grid Connected inverter or you can choose to use this 5KW Power Inverter as an Off Grid Inverter.

Mis or faulty wiring will invalidate your 12 month warranty and the repairs costs are close to €800 + vat for Inverter repairs due to mis- wiring.

Please note you will need a electrician to wire the output from a generator to the AC input on this 5KW Power Inverter as this is mains wiring and not low voltage wiring.

Overload and over voltage DC Circuit Breakers are listed here

Output: 230V AC ±5%, 50/60Hz
Battery voltage: 48V - 58V
MAX Solar Panel Array : 4500W + 18Amps
Max Solar Panel array open circuit voltage:430VDC
MPPT 48V 63A: Built in MPPT 48V - 18A
Overload and short circuit protection 5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter 48v
Max 9 units in Paralell

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5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter 48v - ON / Off Grid

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