Retro Fit 9kw Air Source Heat Pump 32,000 Btu's

   This Retro Fit 9KW Air Source Heat Pump can heat your Apartment to a very warm +28C during the Winter months, just imagine the comfort of being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt indoors in November, December, January, February and March. We have designed this 9kw Air Source Heat Pump for a Typical 1 or 2 Bed City Apartment.

The install is really easy for a hands on DIY person or for your local Plumber, you do NOT need an air conditioning contractor to install this Air Source Heat Pump.

We only use R407C in our Heat Pumps as its NON-OZONE depleting and kind to the environment. So if you think Green and want to help our Planet, switch your heating to our Air Source Heat Pumps and ditch your Oil or Gas guzzling old boiler which is probably rated at 32kw so its very in-efficent when compared to our 9KW Air Source Heat Pump.

Model : HP-9KW
Heating Power Input: 2.4Kw
Heating Power Output: 9Kw
COP when A=7C W=45C: 3.75
Air temp 7C Water 45C : BTU's 32,000
Refrigerant: R407C
Compressor Type: Sanyo Scroll
Compressor Quantity:1
Working Temperature: minus 7 to plus 43 C
Max Water Temperature: Celcius 55C
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz: 230v AC Single Phase 50Hz

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9kw Air Source Heat Pump - Apartments

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