Which Heat Pump is the most efficient? To answer this question you have to ask yourself about your house and your lifestyle, how large is your house? is it detached, semi detached or terraced? To give you a rough example a Terraced 3 bedroomed house with 200mm of loft insulation and double glazed windows and an insulated hot water tank will need a 12kw Heat Pump to provide ample heat and Hot water during the cold Irish Winters while a Detached 4 - 8 Bedroomed house with 200mm of loft insulation, insulated cavity walls, double glazing and an insulated hot water tank will need our 17kw Heat Pump to provide ample heat and hot water during the cold Irish winter.

Are Heat Pumps Suitable for old Houses? To give you a small example of what you can achieve take a 5/6 Bed Detached Dormer in Mayo ( 2004 build ) that was costing €3,000 per year to heat with an Oil Boiler and a Stove with a Back Boiler, now that same house is warmer than ever with a 17kw Air Source Heat Pump. So yes our Air Source Heat Pumps are suitable for older houses.

Are Heat Pumps Noisy?
BORC Heat Pumps have either one of two fans so yes they do emit some noise but it is impossible to hear the fans when the wind is rustling through the trees or if there is passing traffic.

How do Heat Pumps work in Winter? BORC Air Source Heat Pumps use R407C which boils at -47C so you never have to worry about low winter temperatures in Ireland. Having said that the Heat Pumps do use a little more electricity at very low temperatures.

When is a Heat Pump most efficient? An Air Source Heat Pump is most efficient when the outside air temperature is above 7C  and the unit is faced away from the prevailing wind.

Can Heat Pumps be used with Radiators? Borc Air Source Heat Pumps were designed to work with radiators, although they work best with Aluminium radiators they also work well with steel radiators. So there is no reason to change your radiators unless of course you want to when you purchase a BORC Air Source Heat Pump.

What is R407C and is it on the banned list ?

R407C is Non-flammable with a safety classification of A1

R-407C is a non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant composed of the three ingredients R-32, R-125, and R-134a, and was developed as a substitute refrigerant for R-22

R-32, R-125, and R-134a, which are the components of R-407C, have Ozone Depletion Potential of zero as well as low Global Warming Potential, so they can be considered refrigerants that are friendly to the natural environment.

There is no planned date for R407C to be phased out.

Heat Pump Brands? There is only one Irish Heat Pump Brand and there is only one set of Heat Pumps exclusively designed for Irish houses and the Ireland Climate , that brand is BORC and we have 3 different sizes of Air Source Heat Pumps

1) 9KW for apartments

2) 12kw for Terraced or Semi-D Houses

3) 17KW for Detached Houses

Hot Water with Heat Pumps? If you Oil Boiler or Gas Boiler which you are replacing heats your Hot Water and your Radiators then the BORC Air Souce Heat Pumps WILL heat your water and youir radiators.

Guarantee? BORC Air Source Heat Pumps come with a full 24 month warranty against all maufacturing faults and part failures.

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Real Life Example on how the Heat Pump industry works. In February 2018 we decided to stop using oil and coal to heat our house and business premises, we looked at all the options and settled on an Air Source Heat Pump, however with very little information readily available and what quotes we did get in where through the roof circa €65,000 for a whole new heating system and a branded Air Source Heat Pump.

So I said F**K that and I set about designing an Air Source Heat Pump that could utilise all of my existing radiators and my existing hot water tank. At first everyone I contacted said it could not be done but I persevered and after 8 months of design work I settled on what we have now, a 17kw Air to water Heat Pump which runs on R407C, can reach a top temperature of 65C but that temperature you will never need,  on tests last winter in Mayo I had to reduce the output water temperature to my Radiators from 55C to 50C after one month as the house was just too warm and dry. By March I again had to drop the output water temperature to 45C as the house was now returning even more heat to all of our rooms.

Apart from the money saving costs over the money I was spending buying Oil and Coal my CO2 emmisions have reduced drastically and my house has jumped from a B2 to an A2 rating.

If you want more details on the fully installed cost of our Air Source Heat pumps please get in touch for a no obligation quote sales@carbonfreeheat.ie

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