Upgraded 800W Wind Turbine Controller

This is the 800W Wind Turbine Controller you will need if you have Lithium batteries connected to your Solar On Grid Inverter. This is also a Brake Controller for the 800W Wind Turbine.

Wind Turbine Power Brake Controller for 800w Wind Turbines which are suitable for Solar PANEL Systems which you would like to add in a Wind Turbine to, to supplement your Home Power when the Solar Panels are under shade or just not working like overnight, also suitable for research projects, government demonstration projects, landscape lighting projects for those places with insufficient power or power shortages.

With this Brake Controller wired to your 800W wind turbine you will be able to restrict your 800w wind turbine to a set voltage so your Wind Turbine will last you years and years giving you full power at little or no risk of over spinning or over voltage, keeping your Lithium Ion battery happy at the same time.

Wind + Solar complementary controller in high quality. LCD Display. Easy setup via the RS232 port.

Model WBC08-48
Wind Turbine Input 48V
Rated input power 800W
Max Rated input voltage 56Vac 
Output voltage range 0~64Vac
Rated input current 17A
Brake by hand Press button “Enter” “Esc” at the same time to STOP completely. Then recover by pressing the same 2 buttons.
Brake by over current 17A (factory default,0~17A settable) STOP completely when it reaches the set current, and recovers automatically after 10mins.
Brake by over voltage Refer to “output over voltage” control

PV Input Parameters
Rated input power 800W
Max. open circuit voltage 96V
Rated input current 7A
Reversed connection protection YES

Charge Parameters
Rated battery voltage 48V
Temperature compensation function (optional) -3mV/°C/2V

Output Parameters
Rated output voltage 48V
Output over voltage point 58V (factory default,44Vdc~64Vdc settable)
Output over voltage recovery point 52.8V (factory default, reduce 5.2V from the output over voltage point)
Max. Output current 13A
DC Load Output @ 48V
Output voltage range 43.2V~64V ,Lithium batteries like 52V
Rated output current 10A
Overload protection 120% rated DC output -1min,150% rated DC output -10s
Short circuit protection 200% rated DC output, instant protection
General Parameters Rectifier mode Uncontrolled rectifier
Display mode LCD

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Upgraded 800W Wind Turbine Controller

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