Heat Pump Contactor 220v 50hz 18 AMPS

   If you want our Heat Pumps to control your water pump and hence reduce your electricity costs then you will need our Heat Pump Contactor LC1N1810M5N branded as Schneider.

Contacts A1 and A2 on the contactor should be connected to the Ports marked 1 and 2 on the main wiring loom on our Heat Pumps.

Mains power in should be connected to Contactor ports 1 and 3, Live to 1 and Neutral to 3

Mains power for the water pump should be connected to Contactor ports 2 and 4, Live to 2 and Neutral to 4

Please ensure that the mains power line to your Heat Pump is switch off during the time you spend wiring or swapping our your Heat Pump Contactor.

Model Number is Schneider LC1N1810M5N

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Heat Pump Contactor

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